We, at VaCom Technologies, engaged with Ar Neeraj Prabhu for carrying out the interior upgrade work for our office located Pune, India in February 2020.
Mr Neeraj and his team worked earnestly and completed the work to our satisfaction and as per the initial plan and budget, so we were able to move in the office in the intended timeframe for the inauguration of the office.
The attention to details and professionalism of Ar Neeraj Prabhu and his team is noteworthy!

- Pranav Godbole
Head, Energy Efficiency Projects
VaCom Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent design of our Dapoli farmhouse by Nachiket Damle. He is very innovative and took great care of the progress of our farmhouse. He is a very humble, Intelligent and sincere architect. I wish him all the success in his career.

- Sanjeev Shripad Jog

Neeraj, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your work style, dedication and punctuality. It is very rare to see. I am very glad with my decision to hire you for this entire work.

- Shriram Anikhindi
Paranjape Abhiruchi Parisar, Pune

Premium quality, simple yet modern and comfortable, Neeraj's design work is an absolute treat to the eyes. Working with him on our interior work has been an absolute pleasure. He helped us experiment with unconventional colour palettes and meticulously participated in choosing every piece of design. With him, we were rest assured that the project would go smoothly with attention to every detail. He helped us put a soul into our home!

- Neha Deshpande
Madhukosh Society, Pune

Ar Neeraj Prabhu has done a wonderful job while renovating our flats. He and his team had awesome coordination within themselves in carrying out tasks efficiently. The flow of the work was steady. Everyone was cooperative and helpful. Neeraj and his team completed our project within the stipulated time. Our Best Wishes for his future assignments.

- Amruta Sangoram, Dhrupad Sangoram
Sarita Nagari Society, Pune

It was a great pleasure working with Neeraj on our home renovation. Neeraj is an extremely diligent, systematic & detail-oriented architect. While working with him we never had to worry about coordinating with the various agencies on-site. He guided us right from layout planning to decor selection. We wish him immense growth and prosperity in his upcoming ventures! We owe the success of our home renovation completely to Neeraj.

- Neha Vaidya
Sunder Srushti Society, Pune

Neeraj has done an amazing job in renovating both of our homes. He proposed many fabulous ideas that we would never have thought of. The work was done smoothly and without any delays. For one of the houses, we were not in town and he completely handled the job in our absence. His designs are refreshing, which made every corner of our house come to life. The quality of work is remarkable and the decent renovation is appreciated by all who visit our house. Looking forward to working with Neeraj on many more assignments.

- Sarita Vaidya
Daffodils Society, Pune

Nachiket and Neeraj are systematic and punctual architects. Nachiket believes in a sustainable and economical approach whereas Neeraj believes in Comfort and the House view. My plot being a high-ground one was used perfectly for my Dream Home. The landscaping done has managed the land terrain levels, minimizing the risk factors and ensuring safety for us. They have given our house a green surrounding garden and a maintained our overall city view. They have fulfilled all our requirements along with the Vaastu. They helped in the interior decoration too. They have a lot of options to present and are always open to ideas. They asked everyone in my family for their needs and likings and designed a luxurious bungalow for me. I would highly recommend Nachiket and Neeraj to everyone as they have made my dream come true.

- Paritosh Sakorkar
Pashan, Pune

When we thought of getting the interior done, we were looking for a good professional who can make help us make decisions according to our budget and we are saved from any kind of execution and supervision and be rest assured about the quality. That's when we got Ar. Neeraj's reference. After a few elaborate discussions, a plan fitting our budget was finalized. Not a single deadline was missed and neither the quality was compromised. Now when our friends visit our home, they can make it out that this work is designed and done by professionals looking at the quality and feel of the work. We would recommend Ar. Neeraj and his team if you want hassle-free, quality work done in time. Thanks!

- Pushkaraj Rananaware
Bella Casa Society, Pune

This is not mere feedback but a recollection of an experience that involved handing over a house to Neeraj and getting a beautiful home in return. Thank you, Neeraj and team, for making A-202, Pristine Pronext a dreamland for us! Neeraj really encaptured our vague requirement. The house we live in should look as natural as possible with minimal furniture work as we wanted more floor space to utilize. Right from civil work, demolition, selection of tiles, and creating smart areas, to storing things in the kitchen his expertise has really outperformed our expectations. He has handheld us through this entire journey by explaining the smallest things to us. Apart from planning and designing the execution of Neeraj's team was spot on too. By the end of the project, Neeraj had really caught on to our tastes and helped us in finalizing every small detail like the selection of sofa and curtains. The feeling of looking at the final magical work was truly a lifetime experience and we are forever grateful for his time & attention to detail.

- Shruti Borgikar
Pristine Pronext Society, Pune

We purchased a flat in March 2020 and decided to get associated with Ar. Neeraj Prabhu for the interior work. It was the early start of Covid 19 pandemic. There were many unprecedented difficulties due to lockdown situations and work had to be interrupted frequently causing panic situations. In spite of many hurdles, Neeraj completed the work within the committed timeline with desired quality. On completion of work, the home was completely transformed and all credit to Neeraj and his team. Overall it was a pleasant experience and we sincerely thank Neeraj for all his efforts.

- Amruta and Ameya Deshpande
Amarendrashree Society, Pune

3 years back we decided to renovate our flat. We were moving towards our retirement and were definitely not going to indulge in any such projects in the future besides painting and other small repairs. Architect Neeraj Prabhu and his team efficiently guided and recommended changes for our home. The task of renovation was done in record time. We are very happy with the outcome and wish him all the best for his upcoming projects.

- Nalini Patil
Sairang Society, Pune